Dr Hameed Fayaz elected Jamaat-e-Islami Amir



Dr Abdul Hameed Fayaz has been elected as new Amir (chief) of Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir. A well-qualified, both in religious as well as modern education, Fayaz is the most deserving person for this position among the present lot of Jamaat leaders.

Fayaz replaced Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, a three-time Amir of the Jamaat, after party’s House of Representatives, the apex body powered with electing the Amir, put its weight behind Dr Fayaz.

Bhat earlier headed Jamaat in politically tumultuous years in pre (1987) and post militancy era (1996). He was the last of the leaders who belonged to the era of Jamaat founders Maulana Sadduddin, Maulana Ghulam Ahmad Ahrar, Qari Saifuddin, Maulana Hakin Ghulam Nabi, and others.

With the election of Hameed Fayaz, Jamaat virtually bids adieu to its past epoch and enters a new era. Since Dr Fayaz has worked with the old guards as well, he could be a great link between the present and past of the Jamaat,



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