Satya Pal Malik new Governor of Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR (Agencies) Governor NN Vohra has finally been shown the door by the BJP-led government at the centre and he has been replaced Bihar Governor Satya Pal Malik. Reports on Vohra’s exit were making rounds…

More than two million Muslims begin hajj pilgrimage

Mecca, Saudi Arabia -More than two million Muslims from around the globe started the hajj pilgrimage on Sunday in Saudi Arabia, one of the world´s largest annual gatherings in a country undergoing unprecedented change. The…

Mahbooba Mufti’s ‘hemlock drink’

She knew BJP more than anyone else. She had seen how BJP treated her father Mufti Mohammad Saeed. When he went for alliance with the BJP, some people gave him the benefit of doubt as the BJP, by then, had not been tested in political business with its partners in Jammu and Kashmir.

Islamic Pakistan versus Secular India

In Islamic Pakistan religious parties have never won any election but the secular India is ruled by Hindu religious extremists. Comparative study of peoples’ attitude towards extremism in India and Pakistan   RASHID AHMAD ………….