Terrible Days are ahead for Muslims in India. There would be anti Muslim riots and bloodshed before parliamentary elections. That is the only way for the BJP to enhance its vote bank. Justice Markandey Katju.

They have defamed and disgraced India in the world. We are being laughed at everywhere.

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Former Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju has warned of ‘terrible’ days ahead of Muslims in India. He said that BJP could stoke anti Muslim riots before elections to enhance its vote bank in the coming parliamentary elections. “Bohat bura zamana aara hai musalmanoo’n” (Bad days are awaiting Muslims), Justice Katju said while talking to a visual news portal—News MX

“We are heading towards dark days. For Muslims, in particular, it would be a terrible time. There would be communal riots because that is the only way for the BJP to increase its vote bank”, he said adding the BJP’s vote bank is the upper caste Hindus. They are around 20 percent of the total population. It is not enough to win the elections. You, at least, need 30-31 percent, not 50 per cent as the votes get divided, to win the elections. Communal riots are the only way for the BJP to get the extra 10-15 percent votes”, he said.

“Bohat bura zamana aaraha iss mulk par. Bohat bura zamana aa raha hai Musalmanoo’n par” (Very bad days are awaiting this country. Very bad days are awaiting Muslims”, he said.

Justice Katju warned that there would be bloodshed in India. It would start just before parliamentary elections, and would last for 10 to 15 years.

“India was heading towards post-Aurangzeb era in which bloodshed, insecurity and chaos would be the order of the day. Aurangzeb died in 1707. The Mughal kings, after him till 1857, were only in name. They had no authority and power. It was all mess, mayhem and disorder. India got stable only after English took over”, he said “and this later Mughal period is looming large on the country”

He said that in coming parliamentary elections both the Congress and BJP would get 125 seats each and the other 290 seats would go to regional parties. “These regional parties would be the real the real power, king-makers”, he said adding “the political leaders and parties in India have nothing in common.  They don’t care for the country. They have no love for India. Only self-interest is supreme for them. They only want to make money, and will fight for portfolios like finance and others where there is money” he said. Desh pa bohat bura zamana aa raha hai, jo dus, pandrah ya bees saal chalega (Bad days are ahead..it would continue for 10, 15 or 20 years)” he said.

Justice Katju flayed ban on Friday prayers in Public places and parks and said that Article 19-1B of the Indian constitutions says that all citizens have the right to assemble peacefully without arms. “This is brazen violation of the constitutional right”, he said. “RSS people hold shakha (armed parades) in public parks and places on daily basis. There is no ban on them. Why should Muslims be banned from offering Namaz publicly”, he asked.

Justice Katju lamented that these people have defamed India through the world. “We are deemed as donkeys in the outside world. I was recently in America for six months—June to December. We are being mocked at there. They laugh at us and call us mad. Voh kahte hien kis qisam ke Gadhe rahte hien India mien. Gadho’n ka koi ilaaj nahi mere pass”, he said.

“Beef is eaten everywhere in the world—almost in all countries. But here some mad people call her mother. I don’t call her mother. Cow is as good an animal as horse or a dog. They say cow gives us milk. But goat, camel, buffalo also give milk”, he said. “I have just returned from Kerala where I eat beef. I challenge these people (who threatened to send Nasseruddin Shah to Pakistan), let you send me to Pakistan. Mujhe Pakistan bhej kar to dekhao” Justice Katju said.

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